Julio Montas
Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Design
Date:  10/12/2012
Source:  Transforming Desk Hides Your Work When It’s Time To Dine

The Doppeldecker is a multifunctional table design to save space and money by having a dining and working station table. I think is great for company to keep making multifunctional furniture to save space on our home but to the average new yorker that pay $2,000 a month in a ridiculous small studio. Can never afford this type of furniture because it cost more than their apartment. It also remind me of the scene in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie when Bow Wow park his car in this small parking that is very similar to a vending machines. Make me think if every furniture we buy had multifunctional we could maybe end up living in a smaller space forever.

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Link:  Transforming Desk Hides Your Work When It’s Time To Dine
Global Issue:  Home
Primary Design Lens:  Product Design
Secondary Design Lens:  Function


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