False advertisement or today’s standard

Olga Kazakova
October 19, 2012


It’s interesting how advertisement works today. Designers are put into situations where they are forced to advertise positive and exaggerated aspects of the product where in reality it’s nothing more than a lie. Advertising products today is falsely for the sake of bringing consumers numbers up. Those designs are made to better the product or focus directly on positive points. The hidden truth is what is really important within a design. Yes, it would drive costumes away, but there would be no surprises or disappointments in the end. For example, the blow up kiddy pool(shown above) appears as this fun and large product. In reality, it is small and kids can’t really slide off the top of it. Designer can’t be blamed for it entirely, he gets paid to design the package that would be taken off shelve and bought. So, the question is how can this world of design can be change to advertise the truth an still attract consumers?

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