Rebranding ‘Sustainable Food’

Global Now

Eli Rosenbloom

Date: 10/18/2012

Source: Fast Co. Design

Abstract: The swedish based design firm ‘Amore’ was charged with the task of rebranding the identity for  green summit ‘Farm to Fork’. The design firm explains how they created tasteful design through their ‘love at first sight’ philosophy. Amore believes at creating a deep emotional connection with their work. Senior designer Jonas Hellstrom states, “What is apparent is that with the ever-increasing touch points and the immense amount of information around us, it is both easier and harder to create a true connection. The emotional bond is more important than ever in the big information flood, where you as a sender of a message [are] easily lost, missed, and not recognized.”

With a handmade logotype the group aimed to work in a intimate space to create an identity connecting with sustainable food. One powerful element branding carries is bringing a voice to idea. The more beautiful and organized the design is the more ‘convincing’ the voice becomes. In this case design may not solve the issue of sustainable food – but gives the opportunity to be carefully considered by those who come across Amore’s design materials for green summit.


Global Issue: Food Sustainability

Primary Design Lens: Communication Design

Secondary Design Lens: Branding ‘Sustainability’ 


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