MTA = Evil

Terrence Charles

Section: Adams

Global Now Abstract

Headline: Takeover: Beyond Maps

Date: 10/26/2012


Abstract: I think we all have had the awful experience of waiting on a subway platform in NYC in the middle summer with no AC helplessly sweating without any knowledge of the next arriving train. I don’t think it has transcended into a sublime experience in which our collective fear has overcome itself like how Urbach describes the city of San Francisco response to its atmospheric fog. I being a Washington DC native where the subway system, Metro, even though smaller and more expensive can seem to efficiently cool passengers, not work with antiquated swiping fare cards, and have multiple arrival time clocks in every station. The MTA’s issues with creating or installing product that can create an effective system for the comfort of the everyday resident puzzles me. If clocks can exist and work in the wealthier 4,5,6 train areas; why can’t they be installed at bus stops and train stations not located in the center of Manhattan? Why are they installing Wi-Fi before these necessary additions, because the lower income resident in NYC is surely not going to sit on his Ipad to pass the time while he waits for the train? It is shameful that the world has become this insensitive to the masses’ needs. I am sure there is enough money in the budget, but someone out of touch and unaffected just said why does it matter?


Global Issue: Technology Adaptation

Primary Design Lens: Urban Design

Secondary Design Lens: Urban Efficiency and Politics

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