New York City is officially out of Brownstone

Weiching Lin
Section: Babara Adams

New York City is officially out of Brownstone
Date:  10/23/2012
Source:  Core 77

When passing by somewhere quieter in Manhattan like those serene neighborhood, Brownstone houses in the impression is what people refer as “New York scene,” and desiring to dwell in. It is sad to hear that the quarry in Portland is shutting down because of the profit and financing concern. There are a lot of earthen material available in the world while some of them are highly accessible some are not. Earthen material like brick, rammed earth, clay or stone has been existed since the beginning of history when plastic is not introduced, what can be annotated as the most intimate material to human beings. Although either the construction or transportation with these materials is not financially efficient, as the technology advancing, they are gradually replaced. It is surprised to see how people has some kind of emotional connection with brownstone because it is such an original unpainted construction material that has been accompanying the development of New York City. I am wondering that how many kinds of original shaped material are depleted and fade away in different urban area? that next generation are nearly impossible to feel and to touch?



Link:  New York City is officially out of Brownstone
Global Issue:  Architecture
Primary Design Lens:  Material
Secondary Design Lens:  Emotion memory and Earthen material



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