America’s global leadership

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Aubrey D’Agnolo

Section: Barbra Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Poll: Americans skeptical of lead global role

Date: 10/26/12

Source:  The Star-Ledger


 Information about the upcoming presidential election crowds newspapers and internet sights. Everything about the two candidates covers newsstands as they are compared, critiqued, and quoted. But while the nuances of each candidate’s plans are analyzed this article reveals that the majority of Americans do not agree with either candidate’s vision for the continued presence of armed forces in other countries. Both President Obama and Governor Romney agreed that “the United States needed to vigorously expand its leadership role in a dangerous world, pressing its economic interests, using its military when necessary and spreading its values.” While Americans understand that a certain amount of military action is required for safety they also recognize that is not the duty of the American government to solve the problems of other countries. A war that stretched over ten years and America’s lagging economy means there are plenty of unresolved problems right here at home. The depletion and American resources is sped up through the need to intercede in other places.  So why become deeply involved elsewhere?  What about voters who feel very strongly against both of the candidates’ plan? Who are they to vote for?

Link: none

Global Issue: Politics

Primary Design Lens: Sustainability

Secondary Design Lens: Government Planning

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