Julio Montas
Section: Barbara Adams
Global Now:

On the last class we talk of how a simple potato peeler came to be the number one inspiration for designers and lectures slideshow. What made the potato peeler so revolutionary is that seniors with _____ can use it with no problem. We often forget that we all going to get old, yet we pretty much never think to design for a older consumer.

Meyer-Hentschel Institut developed the Age Man Suit to remind us of the unlimited daily potential a senior face every minute by simulate the feelings of growing old. If young designers or anyone with a creative mind learn to attack the difficult task that a senior face before they get to that age. We would had better products and acknowledge better our design decision that can affect any age range and future generation.

Link:  A Suit That Shows Young People What It Feels Like To Be Old
Global Issue:  Research
Primary Design Lens:  
Secondary Design Lens:  
Product design


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