Frog Open Sources Design Thinking

Name: Eli Rosenbloom

Section: Barbara Adams

Global Now: Design Thinking

Headline: Frog Creating an open source guide to design thinking

Date: 11/15/2012



Frog aims to teach youngsters in the developing world how to work together to tackle challenges in their communities. They seek to universalize design thinking, even the word brainstorm is a very American word which is nonexistent in most languages. Frog takes an interesting approach in universalizing this process – they approach explaining the methodology through simple vocabulary. Overall it is a non-linear iterative approach – “clarifying your goal, again and again, as your project progresses”.  The piece of work is geared towards people in the foundation space or NGO’s.

If you are familiar with the design consultancy space you will realize that this piece is parallel with IDEO’s human centered design. Both seek to open source methods that catalyze social innovation and entrepreneurship. The difference is that Frog’s piece seems to target the learning youth of the communities with their language. As where IDEO targets more matured change agents in the community. IDEO’s lens is more of a co-design intervention as where Frog’s seems to be a workshop. Can flashcards save the world? We shall see!



Global Issue: Open Sourcing

Primary Design Lens: Communication Design

Secondary Design Lens: Social Innovation Image

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