Jesus was like all men

Natasha Sumant

Gloabal Issues Recitation Section K Barbara Adams

Headline : My Man

Source: The New Yorker


This article was triggered by a discovery by some Harvard student that Jesus was infact married and not to the prostitue Mary Magdelene. The article is written in a sort of casual conversational tone and makes these supposed scared historical events seem like everyday occurrences  Which, depending on how you look at it, are in fact everyday events in our lives. In the article Jesus is portrayed as the typical douchy guy who although to the world may seem like a great person and general do-gooder, still treats his wife poorly. The article makes me think of the history of media and the portrayal of life through various material forms. The end of the article talks about how Jesus’s wife had been erased from the Gospels because Jesus’s followers had been jealous of their marriage. Thus the media of the time the Gospel showed a distorted perspective of who Jesus actually was and played on certain half truths to portray him and his teachings a certain way, much like we do in advertising today. All of this along with our lecture on Site and Sight makes me question wether we was designers (and graphic designers in my case) can actually portray the truth? And wether a moral compass for designers and their responsibility towards the rest of the public actually exists? And if so, to what degree? Or do our lives depend on these half truths and generalizations ?

Primary Design Lense: Distortion in media (and how media exists in manifest forms)

Secondary Design Lense:  Can we really display/ portray the truth in media ?




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