Solar Roofing

Kathleen Wang

Section: K – Barbara Adams

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: This Company Thinks It Can Get You To Pay Thousands Of Dollars For Solar on your Roof

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Source:  Co.Exist


Living in certain areas around the world is terrible during the summer. Our lifestyle is powered by electricity and gas and it dries our resources and wallets thin. But here is the option of solar power energy, Honda has utilized this and have solar power air conditioning in some of their cars models! In this article, Kiwi, a San francisco-based solar startup which sells a solar power for around $18,000 which is fantastic considering that people are paying $50-60,000 leasing solar energy. Now it has become more cost effective to purchase your own. I have consider solar power for quite a while now and believe it is our future. Next step, every product we own will be rechargable. Then rechargable through solar power energy. We can say goodbye to disposable batteries and such. Solar power devices can cut down on the packaging as well. People have already recognize the saving and environmental benefits of solar power and not it’s become more affordable. If you think about it, it’s about the same cost of a semester at Parsons.

Link: Kiwi Solar

Global Issue: Sustainability

Primary Design Lens: Clean Energy

Secondary Design Lens: Reduction in Electricity Bills

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