Global Now

Post the Global Now assignment as a new post that will appear on the home page. (Scroll over “Global Issues” in the bar at the top of the page. Scroll down to “new” and choose “post.” This option can also be found in the menu in the dashboard.) Please post the assignment by Thursday at noon so there is time for all of us to read the work before we meet in recitation. Come prepared to talk about your own post and those of your colleagues. If you have trouble posting, send me the assignment via email.

We are adapting the assignment–rather than voting and having formal presentations (as is noted on the assignment guidelines), we will have more informal discussions as we view the posts in class. This means you must come prepared each week to:

  • present your ideas clearly;
  • to engage with the ideas of your colleagues (you should have two specific comments or questions written in your notes to contribute to the class discussion); and
  • to connect the examples—your own and your colleagues—to course readings and themes.

You will be graded on your post as well as your participation in the discussion.

*Add tags to your posts so we can track emergent themes.

For the title of the post, create a short descriptive phrase. Also include your name with each post.

Global Now Assignment

Global Now Sample Assignment


Global Studio

We will discuss this assignment in more detail in recitation. In the meantime, take a look at the guidelines (posted below) and begin keeping a notebook of your ideas as they develop.

Global Studio

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